Dealush, at it’s heart, is a way for off-line, real-life retailers to let people know about their in-store sales promotions.

Dealush Splash Screen

Dealush, great for shoppers and retailers alike.

It’s for Shoppers

Shoppers can join up with Dealush and watch keywords and follow their favourite retailers. We then email them each day with a list of sales that are close to them and match their interests. This means the shoppers see only what the ask for, leading to a far more enjoyable experience.

It’s for Retailers

Retailers can join Dealush for free to help advertise their instore promotions. Once a promotion is entered into the system, Dealush will publish it to Twitter and Facebook and to our ever growing email list. Retailers sales will only go to people near that retailer and who have registered interest in seeing those sort of promoted goods, so the promotion will reach shoppers who actually want to see the promotion.


Dealush is built using the Ruby On Rails framework, with lashings of jQuery and Sphinx goodness.


Dealush is the brainchild of Carl Trandafilovic and moi.