– private group photo sharing

Capstory is an early stage, funded startup based in Columbus, Ohio that aims to bring privacy back to photosharing with a private group photo/video sharing web app.

Users setup private Capsules (aka albums) and share them with their friends. Friends can then contribute to the Capsule by sending in photos, videos and quotes via Email or MMS. Visit a sample capsule to see the system in action.

Click to see a sample capsule in action

The Capstory UI provides a beautiful way to present shared memories

Capstory is a highly scalable web application that utilised on demand services to process user created content submitted via (including by not limited to) MMS, emails, Facebook, Dropbox and direct upload.

Capstory makes heavy use of Ajax and client side scripting to provide users with a rich and dynamic user experience.

Capstory provides independent mobile and desktop experience, each interface highly customised to get the most out of these two different types of devices.

Working closely with the product owners in Columbus, I implemented their early vision and iterated their design as they honed the concept in this new and exciting territory. The result is a well engineered and highly polished product ready for some serious user acquisition plays,

A big shout out to the wonderful Lindha Boberg who was responsible for a huge amount of the UX design.