Correct me if I am wrong. Please!

So one of the local mums at my kid’s school (let’s call her Sally) who we have struck up a friendship with mispronounces the word “Asked” as “Arks”. Sally has done this since I first met her and one has to think that she has been doing it all her life.

It’s seems like tiny issue really, but it could easily be costing her opportunities in life. And I would think to be fixed fairly easily, so why not try and fix it? The first step is to let Sally know of the issue. I mentioned to my wife that I was going to tell Sally about it and got the responseĀ  “don’t do that, she’ll be embarrassed”, so what did I do? I kept my mouth shut, that’s what šŸ™

Now perhaps Sally knows about the issue and can’t be bothered to correct it, or perhaps it is harder to correct than I would imagine. However I strongly suspect that Sally just doesn’t know because no one is telling her, not even her friends.

So here we have a 30-something woman walking around mispronouncing one of the simplest, most used word in the English language and she could easily fix it, but isn’t given the opportunity to do so because of the possibility that her ego might suffer.

Why tell this story? Well I wanted to put it out there that when I make a mistake please let me know! How can I improve things if I don’t know they need improving.

That is why I always ask for feedback on my performance my consulting clients because I know that a lot of people won’t share in case they might hurt my feelings.