Are you looking for a web application developer who knows how to ship code? Well, your quest is at an end, because I am he that thoust seeketh!

As you may have guessed, I make a living by providing software development expertise to upstanding businesses and citizens the world over. I work with clients from California to Korea (and beyond).

My speciality is building web applications using Ruby on Rails.

Tools and Technologies

I use a lot of technologies in my work, to many to list here. The following are the tools I use on a daily basis:

Is your favorite tech not in this list? That doesn’t mean that I don’t work with it. Get in contact so we can talk about the specifics of your project to see if we are a good fit.


I prefer to work on a time and materials basis, but will also work on fixed price projects. When working on a time and materials basis I use a sliding rate, i.e. it varies depending on the project size and my current workload. Currently my sliding rate is AUD $3600-4800 a week (converted to your currency of choice).


For an overview of some of the projects I have been involved in please see my projects page.