About Moi

Moi with pink stuff on my face looking at a beached whale (a very small one)

So, you want to know more about the mysterious moi? Your search ends here! Some interesting facts about moi:

  • I am neither a rockstar, nor am I a ninja, but I am a great programmer;
  • I have three beautiful children, Sebastien, Harriet and Leonardo;
  • I enjoy makingĀ web applications;
  • Like all Australians, I wrestle crocodiles in my spare time;
  • I have a Bachelor of Science (Major Comp.Sci) from Melbourne University;
  • Whist not wrestling crocodiles, I like to hang out on Hacker News;
  • I have begun to drink a lot of tea recently;
  • I was born in Tasmania, Australia and grew up in Launceston;
  • I have been working in software development for over 10 years;
  • I currently live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with the beautiful Nellie;
  • I’m a startup junkie;

Now you know a bit about me, it’s your turn. Tell me all about yourself => say hello.